Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yay! New Blog!

I am so excited to finally start my own blog. Something that has been on my project list for some time now. And I'll just say it... I'm currently in need of projects right now.

Since graduating from UC Irvine and moving back home to the Bay Area, I have been super busy with studying for the GREs, researching schools, emailing and calling countless schools and faculty, applying, writing my personal statements, and interviewing. I am very happy to say now that I will be attending University of Illinois, but this also means I have two months left of absolutely NOTHING to do. A normal person would be very thrilled with lounging around pointlessly all day, but I cannot stand this AT ALL.

I am hoping I can keep up with this blog, post a hodge podge of things I find interesting, and update on what will hopefully be my exciting life in Illinois. This will be a good place for all my friends and family from home to stay connected with me and see how I'm doing.

And a teensy secret, but I have this huge fear of allowing others to read what I write. This mainly has to do with school papers and such, but definitely a problem I can't have if I'm going to be the big, bad scientist publishing a bajillion papers I want to be. I want this blog to be a way for me to let go of that fear even if it isn't the same type of writing.

Let's hope I'm interesting enough to continue reading and maybe I'll even attract non-family/friend readers. Who know!


  1. this blog is totally you. lol you better keep writing throughout your grad years so you can keep us in the loop that is your new life! did sean help you fix it up all cutes-like? :D

  2. Yay first comment ever! cutes-like? what? haha